Now that we have created our blog post, how do we get people to read it? Here is some proven action you can take right now to get more readers and massively increase traffic on your blog.

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Share your Blog Posts on Social Media, The Right Way!

Sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ... will get your posts in front of your friends and followers, and will encourage them to share your content with their own networks. But how do we maximize traffic to your website with social sharing? 

The best way to share a blog post is to let Open Graph generate the sharing preview of your post. Let's test this: 

  • Copy the URL of your blog post and paste it on your favorite social media platform. If the Open Graph tags are set correctly on your website, Facebook (And others...) should automatically generate a post preview for you as in the following image.
  • Now that OG has generated the proper preview of your blog post you can add an engaging copy to the body of your social post, inviting people to interact with the post. Try to empathize with your audience and ask questions that will be answered you your blog article.
  • Publish your post.

You will notice that when people click on the post they get automatically redirected to your blog post page, massively increasing traffic of interested users.

Newsletter and Email Marketing

If you are running a blog you probably already have a mailing list, if you don't it's imperative you start one. Email marketing is by far the cheapest way to promote your business and still provides the highest ROI (Return of investment).

A sign-up form that invites interested users to subscribe to your blog is a primary need for any blog. You can offer a free PDF guide upon registration to push your list!.

A couple of tips:

  • Make sure to send an email blast to your subscribers every time you write a new article. At Holaloro Studio we even build automations to make this process automatic!
  • Think ahead, you can create expectations by announcing an upcoming product release, post, or collaboration. Don't send only notifications to your list, plan your content and you will see your click-through rate rise.

Get in touch with influencer of your business sector

One of the best ways to attract thousands of readers to your blog is to work with an online influencer. This may not apply to all business sector but it's worth mentioning. 

Identify respected figures within your community/sector. Find an influencer that is in a related field. It's important to find someone that's popular and truly knows the field. Then, simply contact them and offer a mutual agreement, explain how what you do could be of interest to his/her followers.. They'll promote your blog post and you'll promote their channels.

This will get people to your blog and will help you increase website traffic. 

Advertise your blog

These days, it can be difficult to make your new blog stand out. When you're starting out, some time is best and easiest to do this with Google and Social Media Ads. While some people have strong opinions on advertising, it's important to remember that ads are not necessarily a bad thing. People are searching for content, and they're often searching because they want to know more about a certain topic. By setting up Google or Facebook Ads account, you will be able to reach people outside your community of customers that want to hear from you, and who want to hear about the information you're providing.

Accept Donations for a Cause

If you are a socially active writer consider raising donations for a cause that you care about. It might not bring a lot of new readers to your blog but it's a way to show your followers what your values are. Don't miss opportunities to create stronger connections with your readers.