CMS Experience

WordPress admin area is the reason why so many websites end up getting lost in the dark corners of the internet. The entire platform is very well done, but It's a standardized admin area that has to fit any WordPress customer, no matter the type or size and purpose of their websites.

Our custom websites come with a full admin area designed around your business. You will be able to:

  • Get direct access to all the apps you use to run your business from a single admin area.
  • Intuitive edits and full control over the website content.
  • Manage Blog, Events, E-commerce, and Newsletter with ease from a single place
  • No plugins, no downtime, no data loss, and 100% uptime on all devices.
  • Full SEO control 

Design Process

When you get a proposal for a WordPress website you will see you will have to choose a theme/template for your website. That means your business will have to fit into the look and feel of a multi-purpose template.

Wouldn't it be better to design the entire website around your brand?

We believe every company has its own stories to tell. We give website customers your brand experience, making them feel as if they were in your local store or showroom.


WordPress templates are used by thousands of different users. You can find themes from $19 up to $100 for the most popular ones, this price range made WordPress quite popular. Some templates power tens of thousands of websites. This means there are tens of thousands of almost identical websites that try to represent very different companies. Some web design agencies use the same template for many of their client.

We build unique websites and user experiences. We design customer flows to increase traffic and conversion, targeting the audience unique to your business.

Full SEO Control

We give full SEO access integrated seamlessly into the admin area. On WordPress you need to download other plugins. Some of them even need a monthly subscription to get access to professional features.

Website Customization

If you need to scale or customize a WordPress website you need plugins. There's a plugin for anything you need. A WordPress project can contain a mind-boggling amount of plugins, they are generally from different developers and don't always work well with each other. It's also quite hard to have all those plugins merge into a similar look and feel. You will always find roadblocks when trying to customize the theme and plugins.

A custom designed website is tailor-made for your business, you don't need to customize plugins or download anything else.


WordPress is not easy to maintain. You have to keep all the plugins updated, replace the ones that get deprecated, and find a new alternative. Unfortunately, plugin support is not that great, and if you need something specific you are looking at a long support process.

Our websites are built from the ground up, and no plugins are required. They will continue working and perform well for as long as you need them. Maintenance is obviously needed from time to time.

Website Speed

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that enables users to create a website or blog quickly and easily. While WordPress is a great platform for many users, it can be slow due to the use of plugins or apps. 

Holaloro Studio develops  which will improve performance. Speed is one of the main factors that impact customers' purchasing decisions. A custom website will have a higher ROI in comparison to using pre-built themes.


If you are looking for the best way to promote and manage your business online there is no better solution than our custom-made websites. 

WordPress is a great platform that made personal websites accessible to everybody even with no coding skills. Although it is a popular platform it's probably not the best platform for your business. 

Our tailor-made websites fit your business like a fancy Italian suite.

Get in touch with us to give your company the look it deserves.