Is WordPress the Right Solution for Your Business? Meet Custom Websites.

A custom website is a website that is designed specifically for a company (or professional) without the use of a premade template. This type of website allows for complete customization, giving the business control over every part of the site. A WordPress theme is a premade layout that has been used hundreds (if not thousands) of times to build many other websites. Themes can be customized to some extent, but they are not remotely as flexible and scalable as a custom website.

What Are the Differences Between WordPress and Custom-Built Websites?

  • WordPress sites are template-based so much faster to build. Custom-built websites are coded from the ground up, making them more unique and flexible than WordPress websites. 
  • WordPress themes can give anybody the ability to build a basic website but they also force the template esthetics to your business. Our custom-built websites better suit the look and feel of your brand, they are built around your company.
  • Custom-built websites have much better security and performance than WordPress websites.
  • Custom-made websites are usually much faster and more responsive. 
  • WordPress websites are faster to build and using a premade template speeds up the process quite a bit. Personalized websites take at least a month to be built.

Pros and Cons of Using a WordPress Theme

Wondering if using a WordPress theme is the right decision for your website? Here are some pros and cons of using a WordPress theme

WordPress is a great platform that allows people with no designing or coding skills to create a website in a few steps. It has thousands of free themes that you can use for personal activities or blogs. There are a lot of plugins you can install to enhance features and the aesthetic of your website, but is it the right choice?

WordPress presents some big downsides 

  1. It's a big heavy platform to run. Every time a customer will visit your website your server will have to run a big heavy machine. It only gets worst when you start adding plugins to your theme.
  2. WordPress websites get hacked... a lot! WordPress is such a popular platform that unfortunately attracts the attention of hackers too. 

Pros and Cons of a Custom Website

Custom websites are faster, more secure, and fully fit the needs of your business. Working with our team of designers and developers offers businesses the opportunity to have their website look exactly how they want it without any headaches involved. Plus, our experienced web designers can create digital experiences that truly reflect your business's personality. 

Developing a custom website it's probably going to take more time and resources than a WordPress theme. It's worth taking your time when developing a custom-made website for you. We also create a fully featured admin area that allows you and your office to manage the entire website content. The system is designed to fit your workflow while keeping a tight code that loads faster.


If you are looking for the best way to promote and manage your business online there is no better solution than our custom-made websites. 

WordPress is a great platform that made personal websites accessible to everybody even with no coding skills. Although it is a popular platform it's probably not the best platform for your business. 

Our tailor-made websites fit your business like a fancy Italian suite.

Get in touch with us to give your company the look it deserves.